A cheetah is the fastest runner on earth. A cheetah can reach speeds of over 70 miles (113 kilometers) per hour. The cheetah’s light body, long legs, and super flexible backbone all help the cheetah cover lots of ground. A cheetahs claws and long tail help to keep the cheetah balanced  and makes them have more traction when making high speed turns. Cheetahs mostly live in open or lightly wooded sections of African and parts of Asia.

Do you like cheetah’s?


The Ocean Vacuum!

Did you know there is a huge group of plastic trash in the middle of the Pacific Ocean?  It is bigger than the whole state of Texas and it is growing bigger and bigger!  Luckily there is an invention called the Ocean Vacuum that would  trap the garbage as the normal current pushes it into a 62 mile long floating barrier.  If the testing works out, they may use this invention that would clean up the trash by 42% in the next 10 years!  best-inventions-2016182Maldives

Hopefully the Ocean Vacuum pictured on the left above, works to make the ocean look like the picture on the right!

What is your favorite invention?



Do you like horses? Right now I will tell you some amazing facts about horses!

  • Horses can sleep both laying down and standing up.
  • Horses have bigger eyes than any other mammal that lives on land.
  • Horses can run shortly after birth.
  • Domestic horses have a lifespan of around 25 years.
  • Horses are herbivores.
  • Because horses eyes are on the side of their head they are capable of seeing nearly 360 degrees at one time.
  • Horses have four speeds called gaits  They walk (slow speed), trot (it’s like when we skip), canter (like when we run), gallop (this is like when we sprint).
  • Horses gallop at around 27 mph, the fastest recorded sprinting speed of a horse was 55 mph.
  • A male horse is called a stallion.
  • A female horse is called a mare.
  • Young horses are not called ponies, they are adult horses shorter than 56 inches.
  • A young male horse is called a colt.
  • A young female horse is called a filly.

What is your favorite type of horse?

Gaga’s vocabulary!

Every Thursday at school a very nice lady named Gaga comes to my class to teach vocabulary. I learn many new words every time Gaga comes. My favorite word that I have learned so far is the word Bodacious because it means something fun or something exciting!   What is your favorite Gaga word?


My Perfect Place!


My perfect place is Disneyland!  It is almost always sunny and it has many magical fun things to do.  You can meet and greet the characters, play fun carnival games and go on roller coaster rides!  When I went to Disneyland in 2015, I was horrified riding the roller coaster that went 35 mph and upside down really fast 3 times but it was fun after it was done.  Every time I look at the Minnie Mouse ears hanging in my room, it reminds me of the fun times I had there!  Have you been to Disneyland? What is your perfect place?


What I like To Do!

Do you want to know what I like to do? I like to sing, dance, and play volleyball!  I like to sing because it makes me feel great. I like to dance because it makes me feel free. I like to play volleyball because its fun to play.

What do you like to do?

hip-hop-dancers-kids   American-Idol-Mic- jpg-25-1346158187-voley

Coral Reefs!

Coral reefs are made from little tiny animals called Coral Polyps. The polyps pile on each other. It can take thousands and millions of polyps to make one coral reef. There are many types such as Brain Coral, Finger Coral, Cabbage Coral, and Fan Coral. Coral reefs live in warm and shallow water. Some coral reefs can grow to be huge!                         Have you ever seen a coral reef? I have never seen a Coral reef.



What I Did For Christmas!

Do you want to know what I did for Christmas? Here is what I did. First I put up all the Christmas decorations around the house with my family. Next my family went to the Christmas tree farm to find a Christmas tree. When it snowed, my sister got on the four wheeler and tied the sled to the four wheeler and we went in the pasture and she drove fast and pulled me in-to the blackberry bushes!

What did you do for Christmas?cartoon-penguin-sledding-03cartoon-penguin-sledding-02

My New Years Resolutions!

Do you know what a resolution is?

A resolution is a goal you plan on doing. A resolution is almost like a bucket list. Here are my new years resolutions:

1. Be extra nice to family & friends whenever & wherever.

2. Read for at least 90 minutes a day.

 3. Play more sports.

4. Eat more healthy food like vegetables.

5. Get better at math by practicing.

6. Spend more time with the animals.

7. Help do more chores.

8. Give away goods to the homeless.

fireworks holidays wallpaper winter

My Elf On The Shelf

I have a elf on the shelf named Rosie. My family and I have had Rosie since 2013. Rosie hides every morning and my family tries to find her. My family makes finding Rosie a game who ever finds her first gets a prize. When I got my elf on the shelf I had to name her!

– What would you name a boy elf on the shelf ?

– What would you name a girl elf on the shelf ?

– What did you name your elf on the shelf ?

– Do you have a elf on the shelf ?