My Favorite Sport

My favorite sport is lacrosse. To play lacrosse you need a lacrosse stick, a mouth guard, a lacrosse ball, and special goggles that are made for lacrosse. There are two goals on each side of the field. The field is the size of a football field and a football  field is 100 yards. Lacrosse is a fun sport to play. You have to catch and throw the ball with your lacrosse stick. If the ball is going down, you would catch it with your stick down. If the ball is high, you would put your stick over your shoulder and catch it there.

Do you play lacrosse?                                            lacrosse-stick-ball-2323375

Crystals vs. Diamonds by Riley and Myra


Riley’s: To convince my mom, Myra that crystals are better than diamonds.

Myra’s: To convince Riley that diamonds are better than crystals.


Riley: I think crystals are better than diamonds because they look more natural with the crooked edges. I have a crystal that has natural crooked edges.

Myra: My favorite precious stone is a diamond because it is rare and very durable for jewelry.  Durability is an important quality for me because I don’t want it to break when wearing it!


Riley: You can find crystals in rocks easier than you can find diamonds in rocks. When I went by the rocks I found a crystal and I have never found a diamond.

Myra: I like how diamonds sparkle and comes in many colors.  When the sun hits the diamond in a certain way, it sparkles.


Riley: Did I convince you?              

Myra: Yes

Myra: Did I convince you?

Riley: Yes

 What Rock Do You Like Better?